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Your place for the spiciest EDH brews and news and discussion of Commander philosophy. General nerdy content spilling outside Magic the Gathering may be included.

Screaming across the Blind Eternities:

Jens Herzog, @Storm_Cauldron
Edmonton AB Canada

Cauldron Dregs

Scraping the bottom of my Commander/EDH experience for spicy deck ideas, local player spotlights, and philosophy of the game.

My Cube

The Legendary Legends:

Legendary creatures only theme cube, updated when I need to get a draft together.


Archived Decks:

Featured decks as they appeared at the time of publication, as well as my current decklists.

Latest Blog Entries

Bloody Mad!

Magic the Gatehering: Pauper Deck 2022 March 3rd, Rakdos Artifacts/Madness Find the decklist here! The name of the game is efficiency. You want to get card on board to make damage, if a card doesn’t progress your game it doesn’t get played. Each draw needs to get you 1-2 damage and you see more cardsContinue reading “Bloody Mad!”

All writing and opinions are created by: Jens Herzog. Cards and Art are properties of Wizards of the Coast and used under their fan content policy.